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by Geoff Nudelman
Posté January 2, 2023

Traveling together can be a magical experience — one that brings you and your partner closer together while embracing the joy of discovering a new destination or finding solace in an old favorite. 

Traveling together can also be miserable, with both of you needing a vacation from the vacation by the end of the weekend.

Fortunately, with a little bit of pre-planning, you can easily avoid the latter and make sure your getaway is memorable for all of the right reasons. An RV adventure is perfect for couples travel; it just takes a bit of work in advance to ensure everything falls into place. 

We’ll tackle three important topics when it comes to planning your couples’ road trip:

  1. Communication
  2. Renting your RV
  3. Packing

Buckle in!

Communication is key 

As with most things in relationships, talking everything through with your partner beforehand is a surefire way to avoid any mishaps on the road.

Consider some of the following when planning your RV adventure: 

  • Travel preferences
  • Non-negotiables
  • Driving duties

Travel preferences

How rugged do you want to get? Are you and your partner looking to be the lap of luxury? Or are you comfortable with a more rustic van or trailer setup? Each is great, but one person may need more creature comforts than what a chosen rental can provide. Think about how small of a space will work for the two of you. Are you okay in the tight quarters of a teardrop? Doing your research in advance will help tremendously. 


What are each of your must-haves? Is a modern bathroom crucial? What about a shower? Much depends on your destination and trip duration, of course, but for more on-grid trips, a private bathroom can make a weekend away feel like a true retreat. 

Driving duties

Who’s driving? Some couples prefer to have one person do all the driving, and another navigate, while others prefer to split up duties. Some are comfortable with taking on a big Class A motorhome, while others may not be comfortable driving a truck with a trailer attached. Again, plan all of this before making your Outdoorsy reservation. 

Everyone should be present for the walkthrough

The walkthrough is perhaps the most essential part of any Outdoorsy rental, and both of you should be there to go over all of the details of the vehicle. Even something as simple as a camper van can have several steps to power generators, cooking equipment, and nighttime turnoffs, so having two sets of eyes will help make neither of you miss anything. Understanding these little details makes post-campfire wind-down much, much less stressful. 

Loving couple in an RV

Packing the essentials

It may sound obvious, but packing the essentials to keep both of you comfortable should be top of mind. One of the best ways to do this is to create a list in advance on your favorite digital list app and check everything off before you head out. Even better, as you and your partner travel more together, you can refine the list and create different versions for different trip needs.

Think about things like sunscreen, bug spray, eye masks for less-than-dark windows, and earplugs (sleeping quarters in most RVs tend to be tighter than the average home bed). Speaking of bedding, if you’re sleeping inside a vehicle and are very particular about your bedding, you’ll want to bring your own. Especially if you or your partner have sensitivities to certain fabrics or fragrances (again, this is something you can discuss in advance with the vehicle’s owner). 

Understanding what your vehicle of choice does and doesn’t come with will also help guide your packing decisions. Outdoorsy owners are typically excellent at communicating this well in advance and love to answer first-time renters’ questions. Some Outdoorsy owners are couples that have spent extensive time traveling via RV and will happily share their own tips and tricks for successful adventuring with a loved one. 

RV delivery for Valentine’s Day?

Lastly, if the journey sounds less appealing than the destination, you could also opt to have an RV delivered for a unique and memorable Valentine’s Day surprise. It’s as easy as choosing the preferred vehicle and drop-off spot and planning the rest of the getaway with the ease of already having lodging set to go. All you and your partner have to do is show up and enjoy the weekend. 

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, this should get you well on your way to creating unforgettable memories on the road with your partner, whether a hundred or a thousand miles away. Creating memories far from home is one of those defining moments with a loved one that you both will be sure to look back on fondly years and decades down the road. 

Geoff Nudelman


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