The 10 Best Small Toy Hauler RVs for Adventurers

Josh SchukmanMay 19, 2023

The 10 Best Small Toy Hauler RVs for Adventurers

What are the best small toy hauler RVs? This is a question many outdoor enthusiasts are asking, and for good reason. For those who love hitting the road with their toys, a toy hauler RV is the perfect companion. These versatile trailers combine the convenience of an RV trailer with the added bonus of a large, dedicated storage space that can accommodate motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, or other adventure gear, and a small version of such an RV makes it easier to explore hard-to-reach places. 

Yes, small toy hauler RVs are absolutely fantastic, but finding one that combines all of the amenities you want with the build quality you need can be tricky. That’s why we’re here today!

In this article we will explore the ten best small toy hauler RVs currently available, providing you with options that offer comfort, practicality, and mobility for your next thrilling journey.

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Forest River XLR Hyperlite 29HFS

First on our list, the Forest River XLR Hyperlite 29HFS. At 35 feet long, this trailer is one of the largest on our list, but is still plenty nimble. Because of this extra length, this particular floor plan is able to offer a spacious interior and excellent cargo capacity, making it a very popular pick.

It offers a separate garage area, luxurious living quarters, and top-notch amenities, making it a perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

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Forest River XLR Hyperlite 29HFS

Image source: Jayco

Jayco Octane Super Lite 222

Looking for something a bit smaller? The Jayco Octane Super Lite 222 is a 26-foot lightweight toy hauler that is quite petite, but doesn’t compromise on features.

With an aerodynamic design, well-thought-out floor plan, and ample storage space, it effortlessly accommodates your toys while ensuring a comfortable living space for you and your fellow travelers. Surprisingly, it can sleep up to six people and has a full 8.5 feet of garage space!

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Winnebago Spyder 23FS

Winnebago is one of our favorite travel trailer brands. This is because the company is known for its quality craftsmanship, and all of their rigs are of top-notch quality. The 34-foot Spyder 23FS is no exception and is definitely one of the best small toy hauler RVs out there.

This relatively compact toy hauler RV boasts a versatile and family-friendly interior layout, high-end appliances, and sturdy construction. It provides an excellent balance between adventure, luxury, and durability, making it a top choice for discerning travelers.

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Keystone Fuzion Impact 29V

The Keystone Fuzion Impact 29V offers an impressive cargo capacity and a well-designed interior. With its innovative layout and stylish decor, this toy hauler RV provides a comfortable and inviting living space while still accommodating your outdoor gear.

The trailer is 33 feet long and features a 10-foot garage, meaning most toys will fit inside. The best part? The rig sleeps eight people, so the whole gang can come along on your adventures. 

Keystone Fuzion Impact 29V

Image source: Grand Design

Grand Design Momentum G-Class 21G

Grand Design is another one of those wonderful brands that puts an emphasis on quality and only provides customers with well-built, durable products. That is a huge part of why we love the Grand Design Momentum G-Class 21G.

At 26 feet long, this is an extra compact toy hauler RV that punches above its weight. Despite its smaller size, it offers abundant storage, well-appointed living quarters, a surprising 14 feet of garage space, and a thoughtful design that maximizes every inch of space.

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Coachmen Adrenaline 26CB

Need something less spendy than the Grand Design above? The Coachmen Adrenaline 26CB is a versatile toy hauler RV that combines affordability with functionality.

This 32.5-foot RV features a rugged exterior that is ready for anything, as well as a spacious cargo area (10+ feet of dedicated garage space). On top of all that, it also features a comfortable interior, making it an excellent choice for adventurous families who want to relax after a day of outdoor fun. 

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KZ Sportsmen Sportster 301THR

A lightweight toyhauler, the KZ Sportsmen Sportster 301THR, like most of the rigs on this list, can be towed by many half-ton trucks. When building this trailer, KZ put the focus on durability and convenience, and it definitely shows.

This trailer uses its 35 feet of length well, offering an inviting living area, a large cargo space, and numerous thoughtful touches that enhance the overall camping experience.

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Dutchmen Rubicon 1905

A super small 25-foot trailer, the Dutchmen Rubicon 1905 is a compact and agile toy hauler RV that is perfect for those seeking a nimble adventure companion that can go pretty much anywhere.

Its lightweight construction makes it easy to tow with a smaller truck or SUV. Meanwhile, the trailer’s cleverly designed interior offers a cozy living space without sacrificing hauling capabilities.

This is an ideal rig for a solo adventurer or a couple looking for the best small toy hauler RVs. 

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Livin’ Lite QuickSilver 7x20HJ

The Livin’ Lite QuickSilver 7x20HJ is another teeny tiny toy hauler. Coming in at just over 24 feet long with a gross vehicle weight rating of only 7,000 lbs, this lightweight, all-aluminum toy hauler RV is perfect for those seeking a nimble, durable, fuel-efficient rig that will take them on all of their adventures without complaint.

Despite its smaller size, this trailer offers ample storage space and comfortable living quarters, making it a great choice for weekend getaways or even longer escapes!

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Palomino Puma Unleashed 351-THSS

Okay, to be honest, at 37.5 feet long, this one doesn’t fit into the “small toy hauler RV” category, but it is ideal for those who prefer a fifth wheel trailer, so we thought it deserved a place here.

The Palomino Puma Unleashed 351-THSS is a spacious toy hauler RV with a versatile floorplan. It offers a generous cargo area, a well-appointed kitchen and bathroom, and cozy sleeping quarters, making it an excellent choice for extended trips with family or a bigger group of friends. 

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There you have it, friends—the best small toy hauler RVs on the market. Rent one of the RVs from this list or pick another awesome rental toy hauler, choose an awesome destination, grab your helmet, toys, and camping gear, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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