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My renters want to extend their rental request mid-trip, what do I do?

If your renter reaches out to you wanting to extend their rental period mid-trip, Hooray! This means they’re having a blast in the great outdoors.

But this also means you’ll have some decisions to make…

Will you be able to get your rig ready in time for your next renter?

Do you have plans to use your RV yourself that might be impacted by your renter extending? 

If your camper is in need of maintenance, will extending your renter’s trip delay the work by too long? 

Once you’ve thought over these questions and decided to honor your renter’s request to extend a rental period mid-trip, the process is easy as pie — you’ll just want to follow these easy steps:

  1. Jump into your Owner’s Dashboard
  2. Select the booking that you would like to make a date change on 
  3. Click on booking details
  4. Click on suggest date change 
  5. Input the new dates 
  6. Click submit 

The renter will then be notified about this request to change and they will need to accept it on their end. If you are adding additional days that will affect the price, the new price will be displayed right above where the renter accepts the change. As soon as the renter accepts the date change, their card will be charged for the added days.

This process can be done by either the owner or the renter and is done the exact same way for both parties. 

NOTE: Date request changes are not official until both parties take action. One party needs to propose the date change and the other needs to accept within the app before it is official. If one party requests a date change that is only confirmed via your direct messages with each other, the booking calendar won’t be changed to match the changed availability of your RV. 

What if I want to offer special pricing when my renter extends their trip?

There are a few date change scenarios where it’ll be best to contact Customer Support so we can make sure everything is set correctly. For example, if you are making a change for special pricing, waiving insurance, or adding add-ons, give us a call so we can make that happen for you. We’ll also need to see confirmation from both parties in your messages of the following: 

  1. Date change
  2. The agreed nightly rate of the extension
  3. That the renter agrees to the additional service fee and daily insurance cost (if applicable)

You’d also want to reach out to us if your renter requests to have the trip shortened, which will require a refund. 

You can contact our customer support via live chat (located in the lower right-hand corner of the site), by email [email protected] or phone 1-877-723-7232